We accept both insured patients and those wishing to self pay or funded by a third party.


Private Health Insurance
If you have medical insurance we advise that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible, to confirm that you are fully covered for your consultation, scans, treatment or procedure.

Most insurance companies will require a referral letter from your GP before they can provide you with authorisation to make an initial consultation. If you require any further investigations - such as scans or diagnostic tests, treatment or surgery, you will need to keep your insurance company informed so they can also authorise your treatment, prior to your appointment or admission. Some insurance companies provide separate authorisation numbers as your treatment progresses. Keeping in frequent contact with your insurance claims team will help give peace of mind that your claim is fully covered.

Please be aware that if you cannot provide an authorisation number or letter of approval when registering for any appointments at your hospital, you will be personally invoiced, and required to claim the cost back from your insurance.


Self-funding patient
If you are a self-funding patient you will be asked to pay in full for any consultations, investigations, or treatments on the day; and if you have medical insurance we advise that you contact your insurance company as soon as possible, to confirm that you are fully covered for your consultation, scans, treatment or procedure.

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation fee is set by your consultant.  The cost of the consultation is payable on the day of your appointment.

Imaging Services and Outpatient Tests
To help confirm your diagnosis or to investigate your medical condition further, your consultant may refer you for diagnostic scans or for additional tests after your initial consultation. The consultant will advise you of the scans or tests required and an estimate of the cost can be obtained from the relevant hospitals.

Inpatient Treatment
Renew can provide a guide price, at the outset, of how much your hospital treatment costs – this guide price will include accommodation, nursing, theatre fees, surgeon and anaesthetist fees, drugs and dressings. The quote for your treatment will be determined by the procedure your consultant has planned for you and will provide a procedure code (OPCS).

Please be aware treatment under Self Pay Care may be dependent on a Pre-assessment, after which you will be sent an offer letter detailing exactly what is included in your Self Pay Care package. If you decide to go ahead with treatment under this scheme, the hospital will ask for payment on or before admission ( surgical and anaesthetic fees are usually collected separately). Generally, you will then only be asked to pay for personal expenses such as telephone calls, whilst you are in hospital. These will be charged to your account for payment before leaving hospital. Self Pay Care packages are offered at the discretion of the hospital and may not be available in all instances. If your hospital is not able to offer you a Self Pay package, the hospital will generally be able to offer you an alternative Self Pay option.

All major credit cards are accepted at your relevant hospital and by Renew. If you would prefer to pay by personal cheque, we do ask that these are organised 10 days prior to treatment to ensure that funds have fully cleared.
Costs for take home medication and physiotherapy aids are included in the Self Pay Care package, however telephone calls and visitor meals are not; therefore you will be asked for credit card details on admission so that these costs can be covered, if incurred.


3rd Party/Embassy

Letters of guarantee
If a company, employer or other third party agrees to settle the account, they will need to provide a letter of guarantee along with a deposit.  The letter is authorisation for payment for the total cost of your treatment. However, in the event of non-payment by a sponsor or shortfall on the account, please be advised patients are liable for settlement accordingly. A receipt will be issued for your treatment so that you can forward it to your sponsor for reimbursement.

Letters of guarantee must be addressed to the hospital and must have patient, treatment and date details including relevant reference numbers. 

International Patients
If your treatment is sponsored by an embassy or company, please contact them prior to your visit and they will issue you with a Letter of Guarantee for your appointment, or any further treatments or admission. Please note that if you require an interpreter, your embassy or insurance can arrange this for you.

In some instances payment in full prior to treatment may be required. This can be made by credit or debit card, cash, personal cheque or BACS transfer. There is a handling fee of 2.75% for payment made with debit or credit card.